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Post Diagnostic Support

Included in the assessment process is a feedback meeting in which we go through the results of the assessment and we think about what future support would be helpful. We then produce a detailed report with recommendations which is yours to share with whoever you wish to.

In addition, there is the opportunity to meet with Iris Varela who offers a onetime follow-up psychoeducation session. This personalised session is a safe space to anticipate and discuss any difficulties you or your loved one may experience and how to navigate them.


The session costs £150 and offers the following:

A personalised formulation to help support your mental wellbeing going forward

Anxiety as a co-ocurring condition in autism and practical ways to manage it

Practical information on how autism may present to you or your child

Ways to improve sleep (children and adults)

Understanding masking and how to prevent burnout

For parents/carers, techniques to understand your child's behaviour and support them based on their personal needs

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